What is the maximum number of designated subzones allowed in Z3?

kens on May 4, 2020

question 20 zoning problem set

I have trouble understanding part of the set up. First, do we need to use all zones 1-3? Also, if each subzone uses (H,I,R) are used no more than 3 times, does that mean it can only be used once or not be used at all? Thanks in advance!

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SamA on May 8, 2020

Hello @kenken,

There do not appear to be any minimums in this game. Subzones can be created in each zone, but they do not have to be. All we know is that there is a maximum of 3 for each subzone type. They could be used just once or even not at all. A game will tell you if this is not the case.

I answered this particular question through trial and error. I started with E to see if I could put 6 together. It doesn't work, because H cannot be with multiple Rs. H can never be with I. I cannot be placed with 3 Rs.

Is 5 possible? Not with H and I. Not with R and H. What about H H I I I? No rules prevent this, so 5 is our maximum.