Which one of the following pairs of corporations could be the two that offer both types of bonds?

Samantha on May 4 at 03:17PM

Why not B?

I understand why E is correct, but not why B is incorrect. (June 2018 LSAT- LG question 20)

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on May 8 at 12:27AM

Hey @samlhoover,

B: G and V

Remember that only two corporations may offer both types. If V offers both, it means that V offers 5-year bonds. This triggers our second rule. I am guessing this is the part that you misunderstood.

Rule 2: If VELSOR offers 5-year bonds, then SamsonGonzales must offer both types of bonds.

V, G, and S cannot all offer both types, which is why B is impossible.

Samantha on May 8 at 06:47PM

Thank you!!