No member of the Richardson Theater Group is both a performer and an administrator. Since Leon and Marta are both me...

KatrinaMusa on May 4, 2020


I identified the flaw in the stimulus differently than what was said in the previous posts and i would like to know if mine would be incorrect even though i got the right answer. I diagrammed it as: MRTG--> not P & not A P or A--> not MRTG I then took the conclusion to mistake the general principle for an "or" statement as opposed to an "and." Meaning since they were MRTG and not P then they must be A

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BenMingov on May 10, 2020

Hi KatrinaMusa, thanks for reaching out.

Based on the language in the passage it would seem that whoever is a group of the theatre group must be either NOT a performer or NOT an administrator (because they can't be both). The conclusion says that due to these two people being members and not being administrators, that they must be performers.

However if it is Not performer OR Not Administrator, then the members of this theatre group can be neither. And this is why the argument is flawed.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like me to elaborate further!