It can be inferred from the passage that when the author says that scientists "play the movie" (second sentence of th...

Marissa-Avnaim on May 5, 2020

Why B?

Can someone please explain this question? I decided on E because the passage goes on to explain how scientists "do calculations, what-if scenarios, or computer simulations." I took this as them playing an "active role" in shaping the story. Thank you!

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Victoria on May 5, 2020

Hi @Marissa-Avnaim,

Happy to help!

The fifth paragraph outlines the "conventional way" in which scientists test how finely tuned a particular constant is.

This conventional method involves tweaking one constant while leaving all other constants unaltered. Changing one constant at a time allows scientists to determine what aspects of our universe would also change.

The scientists then "play the movie" of this slightly altered universe to see what would change.

By changing the constant, the scientists do play an active role in shaping the story of their altered theoretical universe. However, this is now what the author means by "playing the movie."

The author uses this phrase to suggest that scientists run the "movie" of this altered universe from beginning to end to see what aspects of the universe, if any, would change as a result of the change in constant. In other words, they "follow a theoretical chain of events to its conclusion," as stated by answer choice (B).

Try not to worry too much about the content of any one particular passage. Focus on developing the underlying skills to be successful in reading comp and read as much as you can on the side. Keep up the good work!

Hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions.