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DrewE on May 5, 2020

Logic Games Help

I have been practicing logic games for months now, but I know I am not doing it right because I just end up staring at the screen/page and getting frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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BenMingov on May 6, 2020

Hi DrewE, this post seems to be a duplicate. But for others who might see only this one. I will repost my advice.

I have a few suggestions that I always go by, so I hope they will help you as well. Here they are.

Start with the basics. Always start by trying out specifically easy games within a game type that you are not yet too comfortable. If you are looking at ordering games, try some pure sequencing to start. Do several untimed, or having extra time. The point is to be aware of the time but not let it affect you. Especially at the beginning. Once you start to see how these games are typically best handled, move on to more complex games of the same type and build upwards in this sense until you feel fully comfortable with it. This will not be an overnight process, nor a week. But over a few weeks, you will notice that your speed will improve considerably, as will your ability to make inferences and approach questions efficiently.

Also, repeat games regularly until you have perfected them. Whether it was an understanding issue or a timing issue, try the same game again in a few days or as soon as you feel that you forgot the specifics and wouldn't be performing it purely from memory.

If you are not sure how to finish a game either due to timing issues or inference making, watch the videos here or post in the message boards and someone will be sure to help you set them up!

As for actually in game advice, I think learning to be neat and compact in your writing is crucial. Make sure that you have consistent ways to represent similar rules. Make sure that you consistently place the rules in the same part of the page from game to game, as well as your main diagram, as well as your questions that you are testing. Everything has to be easily visible so that you can quickly use the work from one question for another.

And I know you have already spent months, but learning any new skill requires both proper training and time. So study intensely for a little while and then rest for a bit, as in spend a couple days (perhaps even more) not looking at any games. And alternate this way until you notice real improvement.

These are just few of many possible tips for games improvement, but these are some of the most important in my opinion. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

DrewE on May 6, 2020

Thanks! Sorry for the duplicate question, my that was my bad, I'm not sure exactly why that happened.