Which one of the following could be the schedule of the paintings shown in the four weeks, listed in order from the f...

Luis on May 6, 2020


Could you please upload a video with the explanation on how to diagram this game, or at least write a very detailed explanation with all the possibilities and methods used to approach the game before attempting the questions? Thank you so much in advanced.

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Ben on May 9, 2020

Hi Luis, thanks for the question.

While we do not have a video available for this game just yet, I will try to explain the set up through here.

This game is hybrid if you are taking into account the fact that there are two groups. Oils and watercolours.

It should look like this:

Oil __ __ __ __
WC __ __ __ __
1 2 3 4

Important to note that one of the oils and one of the watercolours must repeat.

Beyond that, we cannot have two of the same variables be placed consecutively.

G and P cannot be together.

Wherever there is S, there is H.

And a final rule regarding if I is not first, then H cannot be first or second.

You will notice that this game provides you with just about zero inferences at the start and that the local questions will be knocked out by triggering conditions and noticing which variables cannot go in which slots. This game is purely rules driven as opposed to inferences IMO.

Although there is a very useful inference that could be made upfront if you are skilled enough, although I didn't see it until halfway through the game myself. If G cannot go with P and anything that isn't H results in no S (from the contrapositive of our rule). Then we know that G's only option is R.

I will leave you with this to attempt the game. Good luck and let us know if you run into any difficulties!