At mock trials in which jury instructions were given in technical legal jargon, jury verdicts tended to mirror the ju...

fable on May 6, 2020


This question confuse me because it does not explicitly say the judge is the one giving the jury the instructions. Is that something we are supposed to know? I wanted to choose E the right answer but didn’t because of this.

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BenMingov on May 6, 2020

Hi Fable, thanks for the question.

I don't think it is required knowledge. The issue at hand is that juries may decide more independently or be more in line with the judge depending on the simplicity or complexity of their instruction. I do not think it matters a great deal who instructs them as far as this question is concerned, however, the judge ruling over a case seems to be the perfect authority figure to be instructing a jury.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

fable on May 9, 2020

That makes sense thank you!