Which one of the following is an element of the author's attitude toward foreign collectors of terra-cotta sculptures...

Ava on May 7 at 06:53PM

Answer choice E

Why is the answer choice not E here? I thought “rightfully admired” in the passage provided adequate support for the claim? Can you explain what discounts answer choice E as the right answer here?

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Avi on June 23 at 01:25AM

Hey Ava. I'm not an instructor but I see you didn't get an answer to your question. I too struggled between E and B. In the end, B is more correct. All we know is that their admiration for the pieces are admirable, which shows that the author approves of their aesthetic judgement. Yet we don't know what their motives were to buying the pieces. Perhaps they were doing it as an investment. Perhaps they wanted to show off to their friends ect. Therefor we have no sympathy for their motives which is explicit in the paragraph. I hope this helps.