If Gombarick and Kanze are assigned to the same story as each other, then which one of the following could be true?

nikkim on May 7, 2020

Example 4 Question 22

In this scenario, I was stuck between B ( G is assigned to Spain), and E (Lha is assigned to Spain). The reason being is that there was no restriction as to which country G could be placed. For example, the video created the diagram: R _K_ _G_ S _H_ _L/F_ T _J_ _L/F_ My diagram was: R _K_ _G/L/F_ S _H_ _G/L/F_ T _J_ _G/L/F_ This means that G could be assigned to Spain or Lha could be assigned to Spain. Am I missing a rule/deduction? Or did I analyze this incorrectly?

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on January 3, 2021

I had the same deductions and it took me a while to realize that I had just misread the question. They are asking if G and K are assigned to the same story, not to the same field (which I had just imagined it as while reading), which could be true. I believe that the only way this can be diagrammed is below:


on January 3, 2021