Only experienced salespeople will be able to meet the company's selling quota. Thus, I must not count as an experienc...

Kenji on May 8, 2020

question 20

I still don't quite understand the answer choice. Could someone explain in more detail? Thanks.

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Ben on May 8, 2020

Hi Kenken, thanks for the question.

What this argument does is present a sufficient necessary statement and then concludes the negated version of it.

Meet Quota -> Experiences Salesperson

Therefore NOT Meet Quota -> NOT Experienced Salesperson

The correct answer choice does the same thing.

Class -> Music Lover

Therefore, No Class -> No Music Lover

This is not valid logic, as the only thing we could have deduced would be the contrapositive.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like me to elaborate further.