Kallin CANNOT be scheduled for

mg123 on May 9, 2020

Why is A wrong?

I understand that K cannot be on Friday morning, and got this answer right on a guess. During review I got confused by A. How can K be scheduled for Wednesday AM? I diagrammed it like this: AM K H/L L/H PM G J X K and G can only have at most one appointment between them, which means G would have to be Weds PM. But that violates the rule that J is the day before J. Am I missing something? Thanks

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mg123 on May 9, 2020

I just realized A is the correct answer and E is not..... LOL please disregard

BenMingov on May 10, 2020

Hi Mg123, thanks for writing.

As long as you get it, then we are happy!

Keep it up and good luck with the rest of your studies.