Kallin CANNOT be scheduled for

Molly on May 9 at 10:50PM

Why is A wrong?

I understand that K cannot be on Friday morning, and got this answer right on a guess. During review I got confused by A. How can K be scheduled for Wednesday AM? I diagrammed it like this: AM K H/L L/H PM G J X K and G can only have at most one appointment between them, which means G would have to be Weds PM. But that violates the rule that J is the day before J. Am I missing something? Thanks

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Molly on May 9 at 11:07PM

I just realized A is the correct answer and E is not..... LOL please disregard

Ben on May 10 at 03:40AM

Hi Mg123, thanks for writing.

As long as you get it, then we are happy!

Keep it up and good luck with the rest of your studies.