Senator Strongwood reported that, contrary to a study cited by the administration, a thorough study by his own party ...

Avi on May 10 at 02:39AM

Why B, Not C?

After reviewing the question, I guess I see why B could be the answer because he must assume that his data is better for if not there is no reason to say what he said. But why is C not good? Is it because that he didn't say explicitly that his opponents lack common sense, only hint it?

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Ben on May 10 at 03:25AM

Hi Avif, thanks for the question.

That is exactly right. There is a difference between Senator Strongwood "expressly" stating something and hinting it. By saying something like "anybody with a brain knows this" does not mean that you are saying the person you are speaking to has no brain. Rather this would be a rude remark that may hint your feelings about their possession of a brain!

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like me to elaborate further.

Avi on May 10 at 04:47PM

Thanks! That was a tricky one. Seems like the rule is pay very close attention to language