Which one of the following, if substituted for the condition that Hibiscus must be hung somewhere before Katydid but ...

Christina81 on May 10, 2020


I am really confused what they are asking here. I watched the video but she just explains the steps and I don’t understand the concepts.

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BenMingov on May 10, 2020

Hi Christina, thanks for reaching out.

This is quite a difficult question. It really requires mastery of all of the games concepts before being able to tackle this within any reasonable amount of time. Rule substitution questions in general are notoriously difficult and are meant to eat your time. So unless you are feeling very confident in your games performance, my suggestion would be to skip it and leave it to the end of the section to try if you have time remaining.

But since we are here for review let's figure this one out!

From the first four questions, we should have some diagrams at our disposal to help us. What we typically do to tackle rule substitution questions is two things. Remove answer choices that are clearly over restrictive. You will be able to do this by looking at diagrams you have created that allow scenarios the new rule does not. And removing answer choices that are under restrictive. This is more difficult, as you will not be able to eliminate these by referencing diagrams. Rather you will have to see in your mind that the rule does not restore the original game by offering a new rule with too much variability and allows options that the original game did not.

This question is a nice example of using the diagram provided from the acceptable scenario question to your advantage. Answer choices A, B, and E are all over restrictive as the acceptable scenario in question 6 proves that there are scenarios allowed that these answer choices do not.

Answer choice C is the under restrictive answer choice because it doesn't restore the original game by not forcing H to be before K as in the original rule. For this reason it is not an acceptable substitute.

This is how even without considering what answer choice D is saying, we can choose it confidently.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like me to elaborate further.