Sam: In a recent survey, over 95 percent of people who purchased a Starlight automobile last year said they were h...

hatemz on May 10, 2020

The difference between C and E?

Its hard to understand how the answer choices are saying different things! Any help?

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liwenong28 on December 2, 2020

I have the same question!

SuzieNewcome on July 15 at 11:29PM

So do I! Anyone who can clarify this?

Emil-Kunkin on July 17 at 01:29AM

Hi, C means that the new information attacks the argument, that is, it weakens the connection between premises and conclusion. E means it directly contradicts the conclusion.

Raheel on April 8 at 02:34AM

Why not D?

Emil-Kunkin on April 9 at 10:04PM

D describes a circular argument, that is, one where the premises already assume the conclusion must be true. This is now what sams argument is. Sam cites survey data, and uses that data to draw a conclusion about the people surveyed.

Emil-Kunkin on April 9 at 10:05PM