The schedule of the paintings shown in the four weeks is completely determined if which one of the following is true?

Golnar on May 12 at 07:17PM

Please explain the best strategy

I can't seem to tackle this one efficiently. I had all my deductions down and got the other questions right but when it came to this one I had to plug in every single answer choice which ate up a lot of time and I still got it wrong. I got answer choice D. Can you explain what's the best way to approach this question?

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Zia on May 30 at 10:30PM

Can someone please explain the right answer?

Chase on July 3 at 01:48AM

Can somebody please explain how E is any different from answer B?

Aly on August 1 at 05:29PM

E is different from B because if there's S there has to be an H with it, but if there's H there doesn't necessarily have to be an S with it.