Based on the passage, the author is most likely to believe which one of the following about the view that "we base ou...

ChristianJM on May 13, 2020

Be explain why B is wrong

Why is B wrong?

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Annie on May 13, 2020

Hi @ChristianJM,

Answer (B) is incorrect because the author is not saying that the psychologists misunderstand this view. Instead he states that "psychologists come perilously close to claiming" that we base our inferences about what we're thinking on observations of our behavior. "BUT, in fact, their arguments do not commit them to this claim." Essentially, the author is saying that psychologists come close to making this claim, but they don't actually do it. This does not mean they misunderstand the view, just that they do not actually hold that view.

Answer (E) is correct because the author clearly thinks this idea is a bad one. By stating that he thinks the psychologists come "perilously close" to making such a claim, he tells us that he thinks they would be in "peril" if they did make such a such a claim, aka that he thinks they would be making a horrible claim. A horrible claim would not be intellectually defensible.