Which one of the following is most closely analogous to the explanation in the passage of how persons fail to notice ...

on May 13, 2020

Why is A right?

I got this correct, but it was because I assumed it was correct because of the overall theme of the passage. How else could I have chosen this correctly? Is there direct info from the passage?

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Annie on May 13, 2020

Hi @ChristianJM,

This a tricky one! There is a specific part of the passage which is helpful (described below), but understanding the general tone of the passage is probably the most important thing to do in getting this question right.

The most helpful part of the passage can be found at lines 35-41. These lines tell us that we make such fast introspective inferences that we fail to notice them and this leads us to assume that we are perceiving something directly.

Answer (A) is correct because it reflects the idea, found throughout the passage, that humans are so used to their inferences that they fail to notice them occurring. Similarly, an anthropologist is so used to his own culture that he fails to notice its workings and can't describe them.