Bethany: Psychologists have discovered a technique for replacing one's nightmares with pleasant dreams, and have suc...

liz_hassett on May 13, 2020

Can you explain why C is correct?

Can you just explain to me why C is correct? Why are we focused on decreasing the amount of adults that experience nightmares if the conclusion focuses on helping children?

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Victoria on May 13, 2020

Hi @liz_hassett,

Happy to help!

Bethany concludes that psychologists should focus on identifying nightmare-prone children so that they can teach them a technique to replace their nightmares with pleasant dreams.

Why? Because this technique has been demonstrated to be successful with adults and because studies have shown that nightmare-prone children are likely to suffer from nightmares as adults.

This reasoning doesn't touch on why psychologists should focus on identifying nightmare-prone children and helping them outside of the justification that it is beneficial to relieve children of their nightmares.

Answer choice (C) is correct because it helps to justify Bethany's conclusion. If psychologists should do everything in their power to minimize the number of adults troubled by chronic nightmares, then it makes sense that they should focus on assisting nightmare-prone children because they will grow to be nightmare-prone adults. If nightmare-prone children are taught this technique, then they will not grow into adults troubled by chronic nightmares.

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.