Poppy petals function to attract pollinating insects. The pollination of a poppy flower triggers the release into th...

jing jing on May 15, 2020

can someone please explain right answer?

can someone explain right answer please? thanks

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on May 17, 2020

Hello @jingjingxiao11111@gmail.com,

The support for answer choice B comes from the following pieces of information:

1. Pollination causes a chemical to release into the flower.
2. This chemical causes the flower to wilt within 2 days.
3. Cutting the flower releases the same chemical.

The same chemical is released when the flower is cut. So, what result should we expect? We should expect it to wilt within 2 days. The chemical in question causes wilting, and there is nothing to suggest that nutrients will prevent this.

Note that nutrients are included in the stimulus only when the chemical in question is not released.