Which one of the following statements is most strongly supported by the information in the passage?

on May 16 at 10:47PM

Why is B incorrect?

Hey! I wanted to get a better understanding of why B is incorrect? In the passage it says: "it was well established that ultraviolet light from the sun contributes to skin cancer. Fortunately, much of the sun's most damaging ultraviolet radiation is screened out by a thin, diffuse (5)layer of ozone" Using the information provided, can we not assume that; Skin cancers occur primarily because of excessive absorption of ultraviolet light? Or is this wording too strong? How may I differentiate strong wording from more appropriate wording? Thank you!

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on May 23 at 08:33PM

Hello @nikkim,

Your assessment is correct, because "primarily" is a very strong word. When you see this again, you need to make sure that it is supported by the passage.

We are only told that ultraviolet light "contributes to skin cancer." We do not know to what degree it contributes. In no way can we conclude from this that ultraviolet light is the main or primary cause. The passage would have to tell us that most skin cancer diagnoses are a result of UV rays.

You will get better at evaluating the strength of an answer choice as you see more examples and learn the LSAT language. Now you can add "primarily" to your list of important terms.

on June 6 at 12:33AM

Thank you for the explanation!