It is highly likely that Claudette is a classical pianist. Like most classical pianists, Claudette recognizes many of...

Isha on May 18, 2020

answer explanation

can this answer be explained

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Isha on May 18, 2020

and also explain why every other answer choice is wrong

Avi on July 1, 2020

Hey. I'm not an instructor but I got this question wrong too at first and I understand it now. The answer is E because all we know that most classical pianists recognize Clara's works. Lets say for example there are 500 classical pianists in the world and 450 of them recognize her works. We also know that the vast majority of people in the world who are not classical pianists don't recognize her stuff. So lets say that out of 7 billion people in the world 90% of them never even heard of her. That still leaves us with 10% 700,000,000 people which aren't classical pianists which do know of her and listen to her. Which is just an extreme example of what answer E says "ignores the possibility that the majority of people who recognize many of Clara Schumann's works are not classical pianists". I hope this makes sense.