Under the influence of today's computer–oriented culture, publishing for children has taken on a flashy new look that...

jing jing on May 19, 2020

Could someone please explain this answer? I picked E and It was wrong. Thanks

Could someone please explain this answer? I picked E and It was wrong. Thanks

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Shunhe on May 19, 2020

Hi @jingjingxiao11111@gmail.com,

Thanks for the question! Let’s take a look at what the stimulus tells us. We’re told that publishing for children has changed; books now have a lack of substance because of these changes, which leads to books that are short-lived and on trendy subjects, among other changes.

Now we’re asked for something most strongly supported by that information. Let’s take a look at the correct answer choice, (B), which tells us that the substance of a children’s book is important to its longevity. Well, we’re told here that a lack of substance leads to books that are short-lived, and this “leads to” terminology indicates causation. A lack of substance causes a book to be short-lived; in other words

~Substance —> Short-lived
~Short-lived —> Substance

And we can see that substance is a necessary condition for a long-lived book. If a book isn’t short-lived, then it has to have substance, and so clearly substance is going to be important to longevity! So this is why (B) is correct.

(E), on the other hand, is incorrect because we’re not told anything in the passage about the popularity of books, and so we can’t infer anything from the passage about said popularity.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.