The years in which each of the monuments were begun can be completely determined if which one of the following is dis...

Nima on May 20 at 08:39PM

Why do we jump straight to E in the explanation.

Why do we jump straight to E in the answer choice how do we know that S is the issue.

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on May 24 at 11:30PM

Hello @nimakian801,

I'll give you a bit more detail here. However, I also looked over the other answer choices and didn't immediately choose S, so don't worry if you had to do the same. The key to understanding that S is the issue comes from the eliminations that we can make while diagramming the rules.

G - L - F tells us that neither L nor F can be in year 601.
H must be in 604 or 605, and therefore it cannot be in 601.

So, who remains to fill the two spots in 601? Only S, M, G.
If S is in 604, not only does it push H into 605, it also guarantees that S and M are in 601. This leaves the two remaining years for L and F, in that order.

It is perfectly fine if you have to test a few answer choices, but start with the one that you believe is going to have a big impact.