Mayor: Local antitobacco activists are calling for expanded antismoking education programs paid for by revenue from ...

Filippo on May 24 at 05:34PM

Answer C

Why is C the right answer? Thank you

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Skylar on May 24 at 06:52PM

@filozinni, happy to help!

The argument made by this passage is that "the taxes themselves would produce the sought-after reduction in smoking." We are asked to select the answer choice that "most undermines" this reasoning.

(C) "Usually, cigarette sales will increase substantially in the areas surrounding a city after that city imposes stiff taxes on cigarettes."

This is the correct answer choice because it undermines the idea that there would be a reduction in smoking. (C) suggests that the taxes will merely have the effect of changing the location in which people purchase cigarettes from inside the city to outside the city. This shift in purchase location does not mean there is an overall reduction in smoking, so (C) undermines the passage's reasoning and is the best answer.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have other questions or need clarification on why any of the other answer choices are incorrect!

Filippo on June 3 at 09:18AM

Oh I understand now! Thank you so much @Skylar!