Community organizations wanting to enhance support for higher education programs need to convince the public that suc...

hspring on May 24, 2020

Difference between A and D

Hello. I identified the conclusion properly but picked D instead of A because I thought A was too obvious since it basically repeated the first sentence and we were past the first 10 questions. Can you outline why D is wrong? Thanks.

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Skylar on May 24, 2020

@hspring, happy to help!

Just as you note that (A) effectively summarizes the first sentence in the passage, (D) effectively summarizes the second sentence in the passage. This second sentence ultimately serves both as a subsidiary conclusion that is supported by the third sentence and a premise that supports the first sentence. Therefore, it is not the "overall" conclusion that we are asked to identify. That would be the first sentence.

In specific, the statement that convincing the public the programs will benefit society as a whole makes the public more receptive ultimately supports the claim that community organizations wanting to enhance support for the programs need to persuade the public of this. So, (A)/the first sentence takes (D)/the second sentence a step further.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!

hspring on June 13, 2020

Yes thank you!!