A reason Larson cannot do the assignment is that she has an unavoidable scheduling conflict. On the other hand, a rea...

Michael on May 27 at 06:43PM

Answer C

Could answer C also be incorrect because the passage say, “a reason Frank cannot do the assignment” instead of “the reason Frank cannot do the assignment”?

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Shunhe on May 27 at 10:19PM

Hi @mikeheath,

Thanks for the question! So that is certainly part of the reason answer choice (C) is wrong. You’ve seemed to pick up on the key here that the problem with (C) is that even if Franks had the assertiveness the task requires, we still don’t know if there are other reasons that Franks couldn’t do the assignment. Maybe he doesn’t have the assertiveness, but he also has an unavoidable scheduling conflict, since we only know that not having the assertiveness is “a” reason. So the author isn’t actually assuming that Franks would be assigned the task if Franks had the assertiveness the task requires. But even if it said “the” reason, the author still isn’t necessarily assuming this, and so (C) would likely still be wrong even if it said “the” instead of “a.”

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.