Whoever is kind is loved by somebody or other, and whoever loves anyone is happy. It follows that whoever is kind is ...

Jermaine on May 28, 2020

Correct answer

Would you be able to diagram and explain this question? I feel like my diagram for this is off slightly.

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Jessica on October 27, 2020

me too

on November 8, 2020

I'm not an instructor but here's how I got the answer. For this strengthen with sufficient premise question, we are finding that "missing link" that will allow the conclusion to logically follow.

P1) Whoever is kind is loved by somebody or other

Kind -> Loved by somebody or other

P2) whoever loves anyone is happy

Loves anyone -> Happy

Conclusion: whoever is kind is happy

Kind -> Happy

The missing link is:

Loved by somebody or other -> Loves anyone

Answer B is the contrapositive of the missing link

Whoever loves no one is loved by no one :

~ Loves anyone (loves no one) -> ~Loved by somebody or other (loved by no one)

Hope the above helps! :)

on September 17, 2021

Another example where you have to approach some question like the Grinch
Tricky question that plays to emotions, the stimulus uses kind, happy, love....to get us warm
we then get 4 answers, that play to our morals of being kind, happy, and love
We want to pick an answer that matches our heart
But the answer is the cold one