It is the mark of a superior conductor that he or she has the authority to insist, even with a top orchestra, that re...

Ivan on May 29 at 08:53PM


Why can’t A be the answer?

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Victoria on June 9 at 02:04PM

Hi @ivandaquial,

Answer choice (A) is incorrect because the argument does not rely upon this assumption. We know that conductors must earn their authority by winning the orchestra's respect for the artistic interpretations that they are currently pursuing.

This does not necessarily mean that superior conductors devise different interpretations of compositions for different orchestras.

If we negate this and assume that conductors use the same interpretation for different orchestras, the conclusion still stands. The conductor must still win the respect of the orchestra for this interpretation regardless of whether it has been played by other orchestras in the past.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.