The passage suggests that one of the differences between The Awakening and the work of the New Women was that The Awa... on May 30, 2020

Could someone please explain this?

Could someone please explain this? Thanks

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shunhe on May 31, 2020


Thanks for the question! So we’re asked here to find one of the differences between The Awakening and the work of the New Women. Where is this mentioned? In the last paragraph, and so that’s where we should go. The movement known as the New Women is introduced at the beginning of the last paragraph and its ideas are fleshed out throughout; what is key for our purposes is that they experimented with impressionistic methods, which is mentioned on lines 50-51. Now, as for The Awakening, we can see how it’s compared to this movement in the next sentence, which is the last sentence of the last paragraph. We’re told that Chopin embraces this impressionistic approach more fully; in other words, she uses it more, and this is what (C) tells us: The Awakening employed impressionism more consistently throughout than the work of the New Women, who were merely experimenting with it.

This question, just like all the questions assigned in the LSATMax course, now have detailed forward facing explanations that you can access when you “Review” your session. Our instructors provide Line References that will highlight where the correct answers can be found in the passage. To ensure the optimal prep experience, please make sure you are taking advantage of these existing explanations before seeking further clarification on the message boards. 

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

alliehall21 on July 16, 2020

The explanations you mention are not there, or at least not showing up as they are supposed to

Veda-Bhadharla on August 22, 2020

I also do not see the explanations that you mention, and I feel as though I have actually encountered more questions that do not have the type of explanation that you mention than questions that actually do