The student could take which one of the following groups of courses during the summer school session?

Joshua on May 31 at 03:19PM

Difficulty with 2 of 3 P,S,T

Hi There, I've watched this video a number of times and tried drawing out scenarios but they are too voluminous for me to make sense of. I'm having trouble understanding how we determined it was appropriate to hone in on P, S, and T in the first place, as well as understanding why we must have two of those three. Thanks a lot.

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Ben on May 31 at 11:29PM

Hi Josh, thanks for reaching out.

The inference in the video is truly not the easiest to pick out. If you are able to, then fantastic, but if not it is nothing to worry about. When I went through this game on my own, I just wrote out the rules and noticed they were all conditional, so I proceeded to the questions without writing a single inference. In the end, I only had to test a scenarios on a couple of questions, namely 20 and 21.

I would try this game out simply focusing on the conditions that trigger and see if that simplifies the process for you. It really did that for me!

Please let me know if you need any help after trying the game out by just jumping straight into the questions.