Which one of the following is NOT allowed for an issue of the newsletter?

Nicholas on May 31, 2020

Answer Choice E

I am having difficulty understanding the usage of the word "except" in the answer choice. Wouldn't "except" mean that Marketing and Industry are not necessarily excluded from five, but simply that 1-4 are only marketing and Industry features if 1-4 are features? I understand it that ANY feature can be in five, and ONLY Marketing and Industry can be in 1-4.

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on June 1, 2020

Hello @Nicholas-Groblewski,

E. Each feature except the feature occupying slot 5 is either an industry feature or a marketing feature.

You understood half of this correctly, in that any feature from 1-4 must be marketing or industry.

However, the "except" is excluding marketing and industry features from slot 5. I'll try to give you another example.

"Every member of my family has either blonde hair or brown hair, except Jimmy."
From this, you should be able to understand that Jimmy has a hair color other than blonde or brown.

Now, I will change the syntax to match answer choice E, but the meaning will not change.

"Every member of my family except Jimmy has either blonde or brown hair."
Still, we take this to mean that Jimmy has another hair color.

I see why the wording is confusing, but try to update your understanding of how "except" is used on the LSAT.