Most people who become migraine sufferers as adults were prone to bouts of depression as children. Hence it stands t...

Kadeem on May 31 at 10:05PM

I don’t get it

Can I please get an explanation of how to arrive at this answer

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Ben on May 31 at 11:46PM

Hi! Thanks for reaching out.

This question tests our understanding of quantifier language and structure. The initial passage makes a statement using most and concludes a reversal of this statement.

A -most-> B, therefore B -most-> A

Using "likely" is the same as "most" in this context.

We are looking for an answer choice that does the exact same thing structurally, and this is what answer choice A does.

Reverses the most statement using "likely".

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you would like me to elaborate further or have any other questions.