Office manager: I will not order recycled paper for this office. Our letters to clients must make a good impression, ...

avif on June 4, 2020

Why B? Why not E?

Can someone please explain why E is wrong and B is right? They seem pretty similar to me. E says that he ignores legitimate concerns about quality which is true since he never responds to the concern about the quality of the paper being used. I guess the facts in a way are irrelevant too (answer B) but they technically talk about quality of recycled paper.

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Skylar on June 4, 2020

@avif, happy to help!

(B) is correct because the stationer uses irrelevant facts (information about the quality of paper in the 1800s, which is not applicable to its quality in the modern day due to the time difference) to justify a claim about the quality of recycled paper (that it is not necessarily inferior).

(E) is incorrect because the stationer does not "ignore the office manager's legitimate concern about quality." The stationer addresses this concern explicitly in the first sentence by stating that "recycled paper is not necessarily inferior." Note that the word "quality" is never used in either part of the passage but is referenced through words such as "inferior."

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions and best of luck with your continued studies!

avif on June 5, 2020

Yup. Thanks