Both authors would be likely to agree that which one of the following, though typical of many novels, would NOT be fo...

on June 5, 2020


Can you please explain why E is correct instead of B?

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on June 5, 2020

Instead of C*

on June 5, 2020

Instead of C*

Skylar on June 6, 2020

@hperi, happy to help!

We are looking for an answer choice that both authors would agree describes typical novels but not Cather's work.

(C) "description of a character's physical appearance, dress, and facial expression"
This is incorrect. Passage A discusses how Cather's work follows the work of Turgenev, who "described a character's appearance and actions" rather than directly explained the character's emotions.

(E) "a narration of a character's inner thoughts, including an account of the character's anxieties and wishes"
This is correct. As explained above, Passage A discusses Cather's focus on describing physicalities/actions instead of explicitly explaining a character's emotions. Passage B describes how Cather's work departs from typical novels, which use "direct psychological characterization."

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!

on June 7, 2020

Thank you!