Sanchez: The sixteen new computers that the school purchased were not as expensive as many people assume. So it isn't...

jing jing on June 6 at 05:50PM

Could someone please why A is wrong?

Could someone please why A is wrong? Thanks

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Skylar on June 6 at 09:33PM, happy to help!

Answer choice (A) states that Sanchez and Merriweather disagree over whether the school "needed sixteen new computers." This is incorrect because neither person comments specifically on the number of computers as being necessary or unnecessary. Sanchez claims that the computers were not too expensive, while Merriweather claims that the computers purchased were more elaborate than needed. Note that if sixteen less elaborate computers were bought, Merriweather's concerns may be addressed and the number of new computers needed would not change.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!