One should never sacrifice one's health in order to acquire money, for without health, happiness is not obtainable.Th...

on June 9 at 03:13AM


"One should never sacrifice one's health in order to acquire money" I interpreted the first statement (which led me to the wrong answer) as Sacrifice health->get money how should i go on about noticing my mistake?

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Shunhe on June 15 at 04:22PM

Hi @gharibiannick,

Thanks for the question! Generally speaking, when you write down your conditionals, try to think about what they mean in English. And all you have to do is say for X —> Y, “if X, then Y.” So here, what is your diagram saying? You had

Sacrifice health —> Get money

And that would mean that if you sacrifice your health, then you’ll get money. That clearly means something different from “one should never sacrifice one’s health in order to acquire money.” So rephrase what you diagrammed in simple If—>then language, and then compare it to the original statement and see if they mean the same thing. If they don’t, you probably diagrammed something incorrectly.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.