Anyone who knows Ellsworth knows that he is bursting with self–righteousness, touting the idealism of his generation ...

on June 11 at 03:15AM

why is E correct?

Please explain why E is correct

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Skylar on June 12 at 05:24PM

@marissa, happy to help!

We are told that everyone who knows Ellsworth knows that he is self-righteous. This is used to conclude that nobody who knows Ellsworth would be surprised if he is offended by media suggestions that he has engaged in unethical business practices.

We should notice a jump in logic here. Why wouldn't those who know Ellsworth be surprised? How does the fact that he is self-righteous tie into the notion that he would be offended by the suggestions? The correct answer will connect these ideas.

(E) "Everyone expects self-righteous people to be easily offended."
This is correct because it connects the idea that Ellsworth is self-righteous to the idea that he is expected to be offended by the suggestions. It justifies the conclusion, thereby making the argument flow logically.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!