If more sales representatives work in Zone 1 than in Zone 3, then which one of the following could be true?

Kenji on June 11 at 02:41PM

June 2012 LSAT LG #13

Please correct my work: Since zone 1 needs more rep than 3 and zone 3 needs more rep than 2, I thought zone 1 needs 4 reps, zone 2 with 1 rep and zone 3 with 2 reps. Thus 1: PQSU 2: T 3: MK Either I'm not understanding the question correctly or my approach is incorrect? Please help and thanks in advance!

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Skylar on June 12 at 04:35PM

@kenken, happy to help!

You are correct that Zone 1 needs 4 reps, Zone 3 needs 2 reps, and Zone 2 needs 1 rep. Let's look at how to place these.

Zone 2 can only have one rep, and Rule #2 tells us that this rep will either be T or U. However, Rule #4 tells us that S and U must be together, so if we place U in Zone 2, we would also have to place S there. Therefore, we place T in Zone 2.

Rule #1 tells us that either P or T work in Zone 1. Since we just placed T in Zone 2, we know to place P in Zone 1. Rule #3 tells us that P and Q work together, so we can also place Q in Zone 1.

This is the end of what we can definitively place. We know that we need to place two more reps in Zone 1 and the remaining two reps in Zone 3. Rule #4 says that S and U go together, which leaves K and M to go together. Do we know that SU must be in Zone 1 and KM must be in Zone 3? No, we could also have SU in Zone 3 and KM in Zone 1. This leaves (E) open as a possibility that could be true.

2: T
3: KM


2: T
3: SU

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!