Columnist: Although most people favor the bill and the bill does not violate anyone's basic human rights, it will not...

avif on June 11, 2020

A vs. E

I had an issue with this question. I get that A doesn't say anything about the bill being favored by most people only that it benefits most people and therefor there is something missing. E, on the other hand, mentions the bill being passed promptly and if the bill isn't passed promptly it isn't a well functioning democracy. The issue I had with this is the phrase promptly. The issue which was had in the question stem was the bill not being passed for many years. That seems a far cry from promptly which seems like something done very quickly.

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shunhe on June 13, 2020

Hi @avif,

Thanks for the question! So remember that in the prompt, the author is describing a country that is not a well-functioning democracy, and there the bill will not be passed for many years. But the answer choice says that in a well-functioning democracy, a bill most people favor will be passed promptly into law, which suggests a shorter time frame than “for many years.” So that actually contributes to a reason for (E) being correct. Remember, too, that on the LSAT, we have to look for the best answer, which (E) clearly is.

(A), on the other hand, isn’t correct because it doesn’t actually come to any conclusions about a democracy’s being well-functioning or not.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

avif on June 15, 2020

Thanks again for all of the responses! I guess that E is the best answer I just don't like the fact that they used the word promptly. It is what caused me to eliminate it on the test. But like you said, it is the best answer.