In a party game, one person leaves the room with the understanding that someone else will relate a recent dream to th...

Kenji on June 12 at 03:17AM

June 2012 LSAT lr (dream game) 9

Can you explain why D is incorrect? Thanks!

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Skylar on June 12 at 09:15PM

@kenken, happy to help!

(D) "Interpreting another person's dream requires that one understand the dream as a coherent narrative."

This is incorrect because the passage is discussing a game in which no real dream is ever told. Since the game is a ruse in this way, it does not reveal to us anything about actually recounting or interpreting someone's dream. Moreover, the object of the game is to "relate" the (non-existent) dream, not to "interpret" or "understand" it.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!