In the last year, biologists have learned that there are many more species of amphibians in existence than had previo...

Kenji on June 12 at 03:24AM

June 2012 SEC 2 Q11

Can someone please explain what answer A means? I kind of thought A meant something similar to E? Thanks!

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Shunhe on June 13 at 11:18PM

Hi @kenken,

Thanks for the question! So (A) is about “kinds of things and the things that are of those kinds,” which is more about categories and the things that fall into those categories. So perhaps phones vs the iPhone or a Galaxy, or fountain drinks vs. Pepsi/Coke. So that would be confusing a category with the things (or a thing) in that category, which isn’t what happens here, and isn’t what’s in (E), which tells us about changes in what we know about something, versus changes in the thing itself.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.