Ditalgame Corporation's computer video games are subject to widespread illegal copying. To combat this piracy, Ditalg...

Kenji on June 12 at 06:05AM

June 2012 SEC 2 Q17

Would C also include the possibility that the game was widely popular precisely because it was easily copied? How can we guarantee that the game would increase in sale after the anti-copying system is installed? Thanks in advance!

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Skylar on June 12 at 08:54PM

@kenken, happy to help!

(C) "The copy protection feature causes a copied game to be playable just long enough for most people to come to enjoy it so much that they decide they have to have it."

We are never told that the game is "widely popular," only that it is subject to "widespread illegal copying." As described in (C), the copy protection feature would allow people to play the game for a limited time, by the end of which most people get hooked and "decide they have to have it." It is this idea- that people play the game just enough to want to get it (which they can now only do by purchasing it)- which offers support for the prediction that sales will increase.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!