The author draws an analogy between brain scans and X-rays primarily in order to

on June 13 at 10:03PM

Answer Choice A

Hi! I am quite confused as to why A is correct? My analysis seems to indicate that the comparison is used to show that brain scans, much like X-rays, are a technique used for seeing inside the body? How do we get from that idea to Choice A? Thanks!

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Victoria on June 23 at 02:55PM

Hi @achalfp97,

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The author compares brain scans and X-rays to illustrate a valid use for brain scans.

The author is saying that, when used in medical diagnosis, brain scans are similar to X-rays in principle and value. However, the use of brain scans in psychology is fundamentally different and of more doubtful value. Rather than seeing inside the body for the purpose of diagnosis, psychology analyzes these scans based on a premise known as the modular theory of mind. This premise has been critiqued, leading the author to question the value of brain scans in psychology.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.