Mammals cannot digest cellulose and therefore cannot directly obtain glucose from wood. Mushrooms can, however; and s...

on June 14 at 05:41PM


Are there any suggestions for approaching Must Be True questions like this near the end of the passage? Is there away to quickly spot errors to save time? Would diagramming this stimulus have helped?

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Ben on June 19 at 08:00PM

Hi Kbernard, thanks for the question.

These aren't the easiest to get through quickly by the end of the section. However, usually these questions are diagrammable. This makes it a much more efficient process compared to storing everything mentally. So I would recommend diagramming whenever you see conditional indicator words. Sometimes we can even diagram without those words such as this case.

We can convert the first sentence to saying: If mammal, then not able to digest cellulose etc.

However, this passage seems to provide us with an extended causal chain. And in addition to this, some facts.

Here, answer choice C is the combination of two facts presented in the passage. As for the incorrect answers, you can be sure that they are either irrelevant to the passage or make statements that are too strong and are therefore unsupported.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

on June 20 at 12:32AM

Thank you!

on January 23 at 02:03AM

Is Answer B not correct because "Beta-..." is the actual anti-cancer component, and that answer B is stating that the mushroom itself is the anti-cancer component, not the Beta-...?