Which one of the following would, if true, most weaken the author's argument as expressed in the passage?

Olivia on June 14 at 11:02PM

Why B over D?

Why is B better than D? It seemed to me as though D weakened the reasoning because it showed that even in situations where it would make more sense for the students to have statuory law classes, they still focused on case analysis like the national schools. B seems to be addressing an after-school experience so I didn't see how this would quite weaken the argument as strongly as a in-school comparator.

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Victoria on June 25 at 01:40PM

Hi @odsimkins,

Thanks for your question!

Answer choices (D) does not weaken the author's argument as it is simply a description of the current practices of law schools, including those which are regionally oriented. While the final paragraph notes that there are law schools in which provide some training in statutes, this does not mean that many regionally oriented law schools still aren't focused on case analysis.

Answer choice (B) weakens the argument because it provides a possible explanation for why law schools aren't teaching their students statutory law. If most lawyers easily and quickly develop a proficiency in this area in their work experiences after school, then it makes sense that law schools would not want to waste time teaching their students statutory law. Rather, it is understandable that law schools would want to focus on the more difficult skill of analyzing case law.

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.