Given its tone and content, from which one of the following was the passage most likely drawn?

avif on June 16, 2020

Why E?

I limited down the choices between E and C but I was unable to see from the passage which answer choice was more supported. Please explain. Thanks.

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Victoria on June 26, 2020

Hi @avif,

Answer choice (E) is supported by the first sentence: "the corrido, a type of narrative folk song, comes from a region half in Mexico and half in the U.S. known as the Lower Rio Grande Border." The passage then goes on to describe the features of corridos.

This structure suggests that this is the beginning of a chapter/entry on corridos in a book describing various North American folk song forms.

Answer choice (C) can be eliminated by the same sentence which supports answer choice (E). If the passage was drawn from a newspaper from the Lower Rio Grande Border, it would not need to explain the location of the region as its readership would be from there.

Hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

avif on June 28, 2020

Aha. Great point! I totally missed that. Thanks!