In passage B's description of the developments leading to the rejection of Newton's theory of gravity, which one of t...

kassidee on June 17, 2020

please explain how we get to this answer choice

Im not too sure on how we get to mercury on this one, please elaborate

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cfraser109 on August 5, 2020

I am confused as well!

Rachel-Caldwell-2 on August 5, 2020

Process of elimination helped me figure out why I got this wrong:

B and C: These have nothing to do with disproving Newton's Theory, which is a part of the last paragraph, which the question centers on

D: Venus isn't even in the passage. They probably used it to confuse us with 'Vulcan.'

E: The only time the sun is mentioned is in the first paragraph as an auxiliary function, whereas the black swan in passage A is used as the main evidence to disprove a theory.

A is the correct answer because Mercury's orbit disproved the Newton's theory just like the black swan disproved the theory that there are no white swans