With which one of the following statements would both Rawls and the author of the passage be most likely to agree?

Avi on June 18 at 01:05AM

Whats wrong with C

I get how A is supported but doesn't the last paragraph support C?

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on June 18 at 11:12PM

Hello @avif,

Remember that we are looking for something that both Rawls and the author agree with. I believe that your support for C comes from the last sentence, beginning on line 51. The author is discussing a consequence of Rawls' idea, which is described as "redistributionist." The author likely agrees with C, but we cannot say that Rawls agrees with it. He might not share this belief that his idea is redistributionist.

Avi on June 19 at 06:13PM

Interesting. I thought that if is a consequence of his system than he definitely agrees with it but I guess it isn't explicit. Thanks.