Global ecological problems reduce to the problem of balancing supply and demand. Supply is strictly confined by the e...

Kevin on June 18 at 04:31AM

Finding conclusion

Is there any tricks to finding the conclusion of each logical reasoning question? Im having some trouble realizing the conclusion for each argument.

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on June 18 at 11:28PM

Hello @kzman29,

First, I would keep an eye out for conclusion indicators. You will see these words/phrases appear frequently, and they usually point to the conclusion:

I conclude / It can be concluded
It follows that...

In the question that you provided here, "therefore" tells us that the last sentence is the conclusion.

However, you cannot always rely on these indicators, because they are not always present. This is why you have to really understand the relationship between premise and conclusion. To put it simply, the premise supports the conclusion. Every conclusion requires support. Often, a conclusion by itself will leave you asking, "why?" or "how?" The premise answers this question.

Even without the indicator, we should be able to tell that the last sentence is the conclusion. Think of it this way:

Conclusion: Any solutions require reducing human demand.
Premise: Because supply is limited but demand is not.

This makes sense, because the premise supports the conclusion. Notice that it would not work the other way around. The conclusion does not support the premise. Consider this relationship between premise and conclusion next time you have trouble identifying the conclusion.

Kevin on June 19 at 01:14AM

Are there practice questions to help with conclusion of arguments?