Which one of the following most accurately expresses the main point of passage B?

mnv on June 18 at 04:48AM

choice C

I understand why A is correct, but why C is wrong?

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on June 18 at 11:43PM

Hello @Mnv,

While answer choice C is correct according to passage B, it is not the main point of Passage B. The biggest problem with answer choice C, in my opinion, is that it completely leaves out the positive side of musical expectations. It only discusses the negative, while answer choice A includes both.

Frequently, you will be presented with answer choices that do not have anything blatantly wrong with them. This is a good example. C is a true statement, but it is not the right answer. When trying to identify the main point, you should ask yourself, "Does this answer choice leave out something important?" This will help you distinguish between the last two answers after you have narrowed it down.